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Most people know about wills and their basic purpose – to ensure that one’s hard earned assets go to the right beneficiaries when an individual passes away. However, they can be used for a lot more than simply dictating who gets a person’s antique lamp collection. Chambers & Ennis, serving the Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Holly Springs, NC areas, also offers estate administration, probate, and asset protection. Here’s a list of some of the very valuable things  will preparation and estate planning can do

  • List who gets whatThe most common purpose for this type of document is to name which individual, or group of individuals, they receive particular property belonging to a person when he or she passes away.
  • Name guardians for childrenTypically, a will is the document that states who should raise a person’s children if something happens to the parent. It usually contains at least one alternate in the event the first choice cannot serve.
  • Establish trustsIn many cases, a person may not want a child or loved one to receive all of the property that they are inheriting at once. Or a person may want the beneficiary to be able to use the property for a while, and then for it to pass on to someone else. In that situation, an individual may choose to use a trust. A trust holds property on someone else’s behalf. In wills, trusts are commonly established for minor children, so that someone else can manage the children’s money until they reach a certain age when their parents believe they can manage it. Trusts are also commonly used in second marriage situations – a person may want to allow a spouse to have access to certain property while the spouse is living, but for that property to ultimately pass to the decedent’s children. Trusts can help accomplish that goal.
  • List funeral wishesAlthough this is also done in other documents too, it commonly states whether an individual wants to be buried or cremated, and where the body should be buried, or the ashes should be spread. Sometimes, they contain other information about funeral wishes too like where it should take place and even what readings might be recited.
  • Tax planningThey can be great tools for tax planning in order to avoid federal or state estate or inheritance taxes. This can sometimes be accomplished by setting up various trusts.
  • Naming executors and trusteesA will usually states who'll be the executor of an estate, which is the person who’ll carry out a deceased individual’s wishes listed. These documents can also name the trustee of any trusts established in a will, which is the person who will be in charge of carrying out the instructions of the trusts.

Asset Protection Available

While they can serve as powerful estate planning tools, will preparation can only be effective if they are properly drafted to suit the needs of each individual. An estate planning attorney can review all your options during your will preparation and establish a will in a manner that ensures your wishes are honored. Our estate planning attorneys can also offer assistance with asset protection.

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